Links to Chemistry Websites

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Chemistry textbook - requires login information you were given in class.
Bozeman Science Videos - Paul Anderson's work. Watch these instead of Khan. They're correct.
The Difference Between.... the chemistry page
The Scale of the Universe - UPDATED - one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
Concept maps for Chemistry and Math - interactive coolness of how everything is related.
Type "scope of chemistry" in the serch box.
How science works. It's not your grade-school "scientific method."
Final Exam Study Guide - remember, we crossed a few things off the list.

MSDS Sources
Periodic Tables
Lab Safety
Practice Problams
Ion Stuff
  • Complex Ions - The aim of this experiment is to teach you something of the aqueous chemistry of common metal ions belonging to the first transition series
Lewis Dot Structures
Atomic Structure, Atomic Theory
Chemical Reactions and their Equations
Moles and Chemical Calculations
Molecular Geometry and Modeling - computer and plastic model kits (or gumdrops and toothpicks)
Tie Dyeing Resources
Nuclear Chemistry
Our Earth and Living Things
Applications and Interesting Things