Biology Unit 10: Genetics


Course Essential Questions

  • How do the components of a system interactdynamically to result in change?
  • How does the flow/transfer of energy impact change?
  • How does the cycling/transfer of matter result in change?
  • How do engineering and design processes look in biological science?
  • How do the results of engineering and design work impact human society and the environment?

Unit Essential Questions



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Links and Resources

Daily Learning Activities
Day 1 Chromosome structure
Day 2 Review mitosis phases and vocabulary with cutouts, Mitosis app and videos
Day 3

Mitosis proficiency; transition to DNA structure (4 days)

Day 4 Review of mitosis phases; emphasis on end product being replication of somatic cells. Comparison of chromosomes in body cells and gametes.
Day 5  
Day 6  

Oregon State Standards: