Creation, Maintenance, and Evaluation of your Science Notebook
One Key to Your Success

A complete and organized notebook will save you time and help you learn more easily and effectively.  

Get a 3-ring binder (2-inch), 4 dividers, and some paper. Assemble the pages and sections as described below.  This binder will be brought to class with you each day.

1.  Make a title page and decorate it appropriately if you like.

2.  Behind the title page, add 4 pieces of paper to use as a Table of Contents. Use 1 sheet of paper for each section listed below. Label the page with the section title. Record each document you add, here or in your Google drive, on the appropriate Table of Contents page.
3.  Label dividers as follows and put them in the order listed.  

Class notes                         



                         Reference & Miscellaneous                                                                    

4.  File each paper immediately, by opening the rings, inserting the paper, and closing the rings through the punched holes in the paper. Write the date, number the page, and give the page a title.

5. Random, in-class checks may be conducted at the discretion of the instructor. 

pdf to download