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Advanced Placement Chemistry

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Hints for Success - from the class of 2016-2017
Hints for Success - from the class of 2015-2016
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Balance Units
  • Unit : Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Unit : Electrochemistry

2nd Semester Exam Review 1st period


Advanced Placement Chemistry Exam - May 1, 2017
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Big Ideas and Science Practices in Chemistry from the College Board

Course Goals and Essential Questions

  • What relationships can I construct among knowledge, skills, and understandings?
  • How can I best assess my own learning and progress?
  • How can I better use technology in my learning and become a better digital citizen?
  • How can I use my experience in chemistry to learn to think and communicate clearly, logically, and critically in preparation for college and a career?
  • How do the characteristics of a substance at the microscale level affect the macro properties of the substance?
  • How can we learn about things that are too small to see?

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself"- Chinese Proverb

Education, Science, and Science Education best practices in practice.